Blues Weiser

"Live 'n' Loud"

Blues Weiser plays songs of all the albums electric with their 3-piece band, that includes acoustic drums & bass and guitar amps.  

Our live shows contain the best elements of our music combined. 

Bringing our bluesrock oriented fuzzed-out garage rock,

moving through dreamy desert psychedelia defying convention

and definition, we WILL blow your head off and make it impossible

for you to not dance and party hard with us!

When we go out to play we like to go out and play loud!

Blues Weiser Live 'n' Loud is playing bars and venues that can have loud music, if this is not for you

then check our unplugged "campfire experience" option!

For bookings:


  • 2023/08/28 We record all the live shows in 2023 and are planning to release some of it on bandcamp in the following months.
  • 2023/06/01 In 2023 we have some live and loud shows planned, Check the TOUR section, we keep you updated! 

New gigs will always be added to the TOUR section, we keep you updated!

230804 Gandia live08
230804 Gandia live04
230804 Gandia live07
230804 Gandia live10
Blues Weiser drummer Mike
230804 Gandia live06
230804 Gandia live02
230804 Gandia live11
230804 Gandia live09
230804 Gandia live03
230804 Gandia outside with fans
230804 Gandia live01
230804 Gandia live05
230804 Gandia live12
230811 Calpe live in action