Blues Weiser unplugged

"The Campfire Experience"

Blues Weiser can take you down to a Campfire Experience when they go acoustic. Music in his purist form, played with soul and different touch to their songs.

This acoustic format started in the beginning of 2014 by Jozz and Bobysan, after the drummer decided to focus more on his family.

The idea is to create a "campfire experience" were people can enjoy the music, but with a campfire family like feeling.

Before they knew it, they were playing at private parties in  gardens, living rooms & terraces and it became a local phenomenon.

The Blues Weiser Campfire Experience makes it easier to provide gigs in smaller venues and to be able to create more variety.

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  • 2023/08/28 Jozz is currently mixing the tracks so expect this to  be available on Bandcamp soon!
  • 2023/07/23 We have recorded our latest unplugged gig @ Bar Central, Calpe. 
  • 2023/06/01 We have also started working on the acoustic album in 2023. We keep you updated!

New gigs will always be added to the TOUR section, we keep you updated!

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