Blues Weiser a powertrio since 2014.


3 guys playing with their souls on fire. Landscaping through the genres that are revolutionary. Fu manchu bluesy fuzz riffs. crazy Wah wah solos. Thundering John Bonham kind of drums. Tripping basslines and grooves that can shake gargantuan cosmic booties. Power rock-psychedelic Blues-Stomping Hooks.

Indeed their slogan is true: ¨Blues for Booze¨ is what you get. No time to think! Time to drink! In other words: Shut up and have a good time! Because Life is too short to not party hard!!

That`s Blues Weiser in a nutshell for you.

Now go see them live!!!!


The band just inked a worldwide deal with Argonauta Records,

who will proudly release their new album: OBEY THE BOOZE

Albums released:


2021: THE FORTUNE TELLER, EP en single from their upcoming album

2018: DEATH RIDE, EP collection of songs from the last 2 years with various invited artists


Blues Weiser Video Fortunteller

Jozz, Master of the fuzzing riffs and bluesy grooves.

Also part of Floodstain and has been involved in many other bands.

If he is not playing, he is mixing not only our songs but also other bands. With bands like Fu Manchu, Bongzilla, High on Fire, Electric Wizard, Weedeater blasting his headphones he rides on his electric bike wherever he needs to get for rock and roll and BEER.

Bobysan, pumps the bass till the room shakes on his foundation.

Also member of Floodstain.

Does a lot of stuff behind the scenes on his laptop while listening tunes from Pearl Jam, MadBall, Beastie boys, Frank sinatra, Falco, Derrick May or Otis Redding.

Bearded party animal and Dj on radio Taste Nation where he plays music from around the globe, drinking BEER from around the globe.

ALEX, the most recent arrival in this power trio.

His drums are solid as a rock and makes the ladies shake their buts on the dance floor.

Played in different bands and also was part of the first album of Blues Weiser. Now he takes the throne back behind the Blues Weiser kit. influences are from bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Pixies or Joy Division.

"Dont think just drink"".